Ok, so #Bitcoin #BTC #BTCUSD has a #Priceretracement down from it's #AlltimeHigh #ATH of $64,804.72 on Apr 14, 2021. So now what? 50% of #BTCUSD $64,804.72 is $32,404...achieved today on 5/19/2021. The last time #BTCUSD had a 50% #priceretracement was back in March of 2020. Aprox. $10,000 to $3,500, thus a Greater than 50% priceretracement, right? Question, "What happened to the price of #BTCUSD after the price pullback back in 2020? $3,500 to $64,804! This is some Jumbo Priceaction folks! That was a 18.5X price rally up from $3,500 to $64,804.

Mark twain said it best" History doesn't always repeat, however it often does rhyme". What price would #BTCUSD be at if it has a 18.5X rally like it did up from $3,500? The low price today on #BTCUSD was approx. $30,000, so multiply $30,000 by 18.5X = $555,000 #BTCUSD in the future? Is this math right? 

WD Gann's favorite price entry to purchase a market, is at the 50% priceretracement level...

Lets see if Mark Twain and WD Gann are correct, we did predict the 50% priceretracement to $32,404ish...when #BTCUSD achieves $555,000 in the future, all of the readers of the #Altcoingazette.com receive a new free Lambo, right?

Certainly not investment advice or advise either...opinion only folks!