Readers, check out this link to the 30 Year Long Bond ETF...

Big down trend in the 30 year. Fed starting to get progressive with the
raising of interest rates? Just a thought or question, "Why is
the long bond market rolling over"? Is this the beginning of a big 
secular stock market bear market? 1929 all over again, or just 
a hick up in the economy? So much global debt everywhere? 
You can't fight the fed, right?

I usually don't discuss the stock and bond markets, however...I
interacted with some rather smart people in the past and
they always said, "to always watch the 30 year Long Bond". Is it bubble
burst time? Time will tell. 

What is it, hyperinflation and now the start of stagflation? 
Inverted yield curve and then stagflation shows up?

I am at a loss trying to get a handle on the capital markets these days, stocks, bonds and 
cryptos. Bitcoin BTCUSD makes sense, except it is trading like a Big Tech stock 
these days. I still like Bitcoin BTC and the physical: .999 silver bullion and .999 gold bullion 
in my safe...just wonder how much higher interest rates affects everything?