5/31/2022: Bitcoin BTCUSD trade Update. Ok, so Bitcoin has a nice pump up from our last purchase at: $30,236.00! So readers is this a Bear Market pump in Bitcoin BTCUSD, or was the bottom set in Bitcoin BTCUSD at approx. $26,973ish? 

Lets see if the WD Gann -50% Long trade entry up from $26.9K works! Back in Q1 of 2020, Bitcoin BTCUSD has price dip to approx. $3,300 and then jumbo pump to approx. $70K. Is this the next jumbo pump trade setup here, up from $30.2K?    

Readers, this is the Altcoingazette.com perspective on the recent 

Bitcoin BTCUSD -50% price dip. Always remember this is Not Investment
Advise or Advise either. Theory and opinion only. 

We here at the Altcoingazette.com follow the market theory of both 
Jessie Livermore and W.D. Gann. Jessie Livermore famous quote:
"A market \ stock etc. is "Never to High to Buy and Never to Low to Sell"
and that Trend is your friend". 

W.D. Gann, we had researched on the other hand, always liked to enter a 
market speculation at the -50% price retracement, for the first time. 

So here we go again, Bitcoin BTCUSD recently pulls the -50% price retracement
down from its All Time High (ATH), set on November 10, 2021, bout 6 
months ago, thus $69k to $26,973ish. So Gann theory suggests that Bitcoin BTCUSD
wants purchased any price less than $34.5K. So I know that my math sucks.
The W.D Gann purchase "Trade Zone" is between: $34.5K and $26.973ish? 

Ok, so the -50% and -55% dip price has been set in Bitcoin BTCUSD. So today,
we purchased additional Bitcoin BTCUSD at: $30,236.00.  Four times in Bitcoin
BTCUSD trading history, pulls an -80% price retracement dip, only to trade to new
All Time Higher High prices! 

Here is a Bitcoin BTCUSD link, that shows that Bitcoin's Trend is a -100% Sell 
Down Trend: https://www.barchart.com/crypto/quotes/%5EBTCUSD/overview

The last time that Bitcoin BTCUSD was in a -100% Negative Down Trend was in Q1 of 2020, 
during the Covid market correction. Then Bitcoin BTCUSD rally up to $69K...up from 
$3.3K = thus big Trend Reversal!

Ok, so here is a link to our Bitcoin BTCUSD trades for your reference: 

So here is the question that we ask: "Is Bitcoin BTCUSD "Coiled" here at it's
-50% price retracement level"?  Or does Bitcoin BTCUSD have the -80% dip again,
thus $69K X -80% =? 

Is Bitcoin BTCUSD trading equal with Large Cap Tech stocks? Here is a link to the 
NASDAQ QQQ ETF in the same -100% Down Trend:

Survey Question: "Is Bitcoin BTCUSD poised to have the same type
epic rally, like it did from $3.3K to $69K, this time $26K to say $500K Bitcoin
BTCUSD? Time as they say, "will tell""!