6/26/2022 Uniswap Governance -
 (^UNIUSD) update. Big pump up
from $3.38 to $5.89ish Readers! We let one
of our trading secrets out of the bag
with the discussion of the Weighted 

6/21/2022 Uniswap Governance -
 (^UNIUSD) update. Ok, Nice pump
so far on UNIUSD, up from $3.38! Up Nice
since being added to the UBAS system at 
$3.7700 on 6/14/2022! Lets see if UNIUSD
Breakout >Greater than $4.6168!  

6/15/2020 Uniswap Governance -
 (^UNIUSD) update. Readers, we added
UNIUSD to our UBAS system! Here is a 
link: https://altcoingazette.com/index.

Nice dip back to $3.38ish and then the Fed reserve
interest rate pump...lets see if we have some 
additional pumpage' >Greater than $4.6168ish
for the larger Breakout Pump? Time will tell!

Readers, take a look at Uniswap Governance -

$4.0300 -0.8200 (-16.91%)

Whew!, off -91% from its

all time high of $44.92, set on
May 03, 2021! Time to buy the 
UNIUSD dip at $4.0300? 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was off -90%
from 1929 to 1932-33 and then the Pivot Point
up from the 90% dip, who says UNI cant do the 
same thing? What do you readers think?