Readers, this is our perspective on the recent cryptocurrency market crash\correction
along with the Bitcoin BTCUSD correction \ dip.

From 1929 to 1932-33ish, the Dow
Jones Industrial Average pulls a approx. 90% price dip. From 1929 to 1933ish, (the Great Depression)
transpires. Everyone at that time said that the stock market is a big scam, fraud or con. Question: "How has the Dow Jones performed since it's -90% dip in the 1930's? Great, right?

Bitcoin BTCUSD 4 times in it's trading history pulls a approx. -85% price dip, only to go on to
new all time prices. So today, Bitcoin BTCUSD is quoted at: $21.5K, down -68.9% from its all time 
high of $69,044.77, set on November 10, 2021, just about seven months ago! 

What if Bitcoin BTCUSD pulls another -85% dip down from it's all time high of approx. $69K, to
approx. $10K? Then the Monster Pivot Point trade back up >Greater than $69K?Bitcoin BTCUSD 
has behaved like this before, right...4 it going to do so a fifth time? I believe than it will,
however time will tell Readers!

I purchased some additional Bitcoin BTCUSD yesterday: Here is a link to my BTCUSD trades: I know this I am glad that I do not use 
the margin to purchase any assets, Bitcoin BTCUSD included! I started purchasing Bitcoin BTC, way back 
in Dec. 2019, and purchased some as low as $5,500ish and also chased Bitcoin BTCUSD all the way up to nearly $70K, with no margin.

So, Bitcoin BTCUSD correction is being described the same way that the stock market was described back after it crashed from 1929 - 1933ish. So it is ok for the stock market to have a price correction, however if Bitcoin BTCUSD does the same thing, the F, C and S words are used? 

During the Covid Q1 2022 correction, when the stock markets corrected, so did Bitcoin BTCUSD. Remember BTCUSD at $3,500? I do! Then what happened? Yes, I am still profitable in my Bitcoin BTCUSD position. So now what? Does BTCUSD have the dip to $10K...then Pivot Point? Time will tell.

P.S., Thank goodness I own several safes full up with .999 Silver Bullion American Eagles, (Just in case we pull a 1929 -1933 economic depression. (Yes I know that it isn't PC to use the "D" word)?

P.S.S. Can the Fed save us? Interest rates to 20%? The next "Hard Landing" economic Depression on deck?