Readers, Bitcoin BTCUSD finally pulls the "Retest" of $20K USD
So is this "Old Resistance" of $20K new Support for Bitcoin
or does Bitcoin BTCUSD pull another -85% price retracement, just like it 
has pulled four (4) times in its trading history?

Approx. $70K BTCUSD X -85%= $10K BTCUSD then the Huge Pivot Point
Pump to a new All Time High
>Greater than $70K BTCUSD? The last time Bitcoin BTCUSD had price action
like this was during the Q1 Covid market correction in 2020! Q1 2020 Bitcoin BTCUSD
price pullback to $3,500ish then mega pump to $70Kish!

Bitcoin BTCUSD is acting like a leading economic indicator these days.

Do you remember way back when Bitcoin BTCUSD finally did the Big Breakout 
>Greater than $20K ad then does the power pump up to $70K BTCUSD? 

So Mark Twain is correct...history does repeat over  and over again?