Published: 16 June 2022 16 June 2022
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Readers, Take a look at this ETF in the Blockchain space: 

Global X Blockchain ETF (BKCH)

$5.67 -0.41 (-6.74%), down from $41.25 to $5.67 per share, with 
current Weighted Alpha of -82.29% + off -72.11% in the last 52
weeks alone! Survey question: Is it time to Buy the Dip in BKCH
ETF shares at $5.67ish, or does BKCH go to $0.00ish?  Pays a great 
dividend yield of: 15.36%? Is this dividend yield to remain?

Opinion only and not investment advice. 

Here is a link on Barchart for your review...tell us what you think, Thanks!