6/17/2022 Update: I purchased $100.00 USD worth of the Blockchain
ETF BKCH at: $5.78 per share, to the model portfolio.
Bottom fishing and anti Trend trade. Catch the Falling knife trade!

Not Investment advise!

Lets see how it works out? I usually don't trade against the trend. 
Very high risk and very high anti trend trade. Jessie Livermore would 
be shorting such market because, his famous quote, "A market is never 
to high to Buy and never to low to sell and that the trend is your friend"!

Readers, the Altcoingazette.com adds a Blockchain Stock \ 
 ETF to it's UBAS (for the first time) "Upside Breakout Alert
System" at $5.68 per share: ETF symbol: BKCH

Bottom feeding time in the blockchain?