Readers, Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) (ETHUSD) changes 
wallets at <Less than $1,000 ETHUSD with no bottom insight!

My first purchase of ETHUSD was on 9/16/2019 at: $199.85 per coin
and my lowest purchase price of ETHUSD was on 9/28/2019 at:
$172.13 per coin...then I purchased ETHUSD just about every week
until I sold my entire ETHUSD position on 12/17/2020 at: $670.28 per

Yes I could have gleaned the field and sold ETHUSD for $4,878.26 
Nov 10, 2021 (the top of the market).

So this is my perspective: If ETHUSD changes wallets for <Less than
$670.28 or <Less than $199.85, then just like in computer language, I 
would begin to nibble on some ETHUSD...time will tell! 

Readers, here is a link that shows the ETHUSD story: -100% Sell Bearish 
signal! Time to catch the falling knife and Buy the ETHUSD dip? When 
this link say to buy the Dip on ETHUSD, then I would consider doing so, until that 
time, however the "Trend is your Friend" Jessie Liver famous quote: "Do not buy the dip,
the market is saying that it wants to go lower...the "Trend is your friend" Jessie Livermore
would be adding to a short position in ETHUSD...because a market "Is never to High to Buy...
and Never to Low to Sell...again because the Trend is always your friend". Jessie would say, "that 
buying the Dip against the Trend can "cause much Pain".
In 1929, people bought the dip...and bought the dip and then the Dow Jones Industrial Average has  a 

90% "Dip" by 1932-33...then the market pivot point. What is -90% of ETHUSD all time high price? 

$4,878.26 X -90% = $500ish for ETHUSD? We shall see if Jessie Livermore is correct in always speculation in the "direction" of the Trend! I know that my math is not perfect.  

P.S. Markets always suck out the leverage, then you read all of the stories about margin calls, Lehman Brothers and Bears Stearns....then the markets Pivot Point back up...prepare for the cryptocurrency
Lehman Brother Bear Stearns new stories readers...Warren Buffet quoted: "Stock market crashes lets 
everyone see everyone that is swimming without a bathing suit, only after the tide goes out"! Any big fish swimming in 
the crypto ocean not  wearing bathing suits these days? 

Thank goodness I own my Bitcoin with no margin and have several safes full up with .999 American Eagles! 

Not investment advise ever!