Readers, like everyone else today in the Bitcoin BTCUSD
crypto market, I saw Bitcoin price retrace down
to $18,892ish! The plunge was caused by the inflation 
news out this morning at 8:30 am etc. So was this the 
"ca·pit·u·la·tion" moment along with inflation fears combined
with margin calls?

I have been in trading markets since right after the 1987
stock market crash. I guess that you can say that
"I am ex·pe·ri·enced". 
Just a few weeks ago, the "M" word was being used in the 
crypto markets. "M" = Margin Call\s etc. Now the "C' word
is being used in the crypto space. "C" = ca·pit·u·la·tion!

I may not make any fans saying this, however, I like when the "M" and 
"C" words are used in markets. I have seen so many market corrections
in my trading and speculation time. I started purchasing my Bitcoin 
way back in Dec. of 2019 and have purchase some of my Bitcoin, as
low as $5,500ish and then chased the Bitcoin BTCUSD breakout almost 
to $70K! At one time, I estimate that I was up between 500,000 and
750,000 points on my Bitcoin BTCUSD position, only to give almost 
all of that back, whew!

Two things that I have learned: 1. Don't use margin, thus no margin 
calls (I own what I own). 2. Asymmetric risk: is the risk an investor
faces when the gain realized from the move of an underlying
asset in one direction is significantly different from the loss
incurred from its move in the opposite direction. Thus, my Bitcoin 
BTCUSD position can only go to $0.00!

In my youth I used to try to "Buy Low and then Sell High". Now 
I always use Asymmetric risk. I also always hedge my positions 
with hard solid assets like physical .999 silver bullion. I always 
build a "Bigger" boat anchor with assets that I hold, with 
no counter party risk. Because of my speculation style, risk off
events can transpire and I am not emotional in my
positions \ speculations. I don't make as much as those that use 
the margin, however I don't ever blow up either. Here is a
link to my Bitcoin trade positions for your review, what do you

Thanks Readers! Not Investment advice, opinion only!