Hey Readers, some times I will conduct some research on way over sold
stock market sectors. Currently I am researching the Mortgage real estate, REIT real estate market,
energy markets and the smaller cap "junior" gold mining shares. Here is 
a link on Barchart for gold mining shares for your review: https://www.barchart.com

What I do is, look at shares in a sector that are the "highest yielding" for annual 
dividend yield first and then work my way down the list. This is then the application
of the "Dogs of the Dow" theory then applied to such sector.  I also make sure that the 
stock shares are profitable and also look at book value (BV). Look at CMCL Caledonia Mining Cp.
Yields 5.39%. What I am in the process of doing is, purchasing the "greatest yielding" gold 
mining shares. No dividend = No purchase. 

Warren Buffet always said to always "look forward" not in the rear view mirror and to "always 
purchase stocks \ stonks for less than they are worth", thus I will also purchase profitable and 
dividend yielding stocks \ stonks that are trading at "<less than Book Value (BV)", thus KGC
Kinross Gold Corp looks interesting to me, yields 3.74%, has net income of ($221,200,000) 
and has a price\book of 0.65. From 0.65 Book value, I then work my way up the Book Value
valuation scale.    

You will also notice that the gold mining sector now has a negative average weighted alpha
-weighted alpha for sector research. I could be a bit early in the gold mining sector, however 
as my readers know, I am almost always "early" in speculation sectors.

Always remember, not investment advice ever...opinion only