Readers, I am starting to purchase \ accumulate stock \ stonk shares in the 
large, dividend yielding gold mining industry. Newmont Mining shares are currently plunging, off -

Newmont Mining Corp (NEM)

$44.47 -6.92 (-13.47%). I could be very early in this sector. Reminds
me of the crypto mining play. The lower that the price of Bitcoin BTC
goes, the more liquidations etc...then the market settles and recovers.
Here is a link for your review:  Currently
NEM shares are a -88% sell Down Trend, will certainly be adding when 
trend indicator reads -100% down Trend! Again Asymmetrical risk, in
that the Newmont Mining Corp (NEM) share price can only go to $0.00!

Always remember: Not Investment Advice, opinion only!