Published: 21 August 2022 21 August 2022
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Hey Readers, we fast approach the 4th fiscal quarter 2022! Survey
question, "Is this August 1929 all over again", "Is the stock market 
and the cryptocurrency market, getting ready to pull a 1929 style,
89% price correction"? Time will tell. Anything is possible. Mark 
Twain quoted:" History doesn't always repeat, but it often rhymes"!

This time of the year, anyone who is into the stock market and
now the cryptocurrency market, always contemplates the next 
1929ish price action, right?

Ok, so with this being said, the S&P 500 etc. recently go into a 
classic 20% dip Bear market and now has rallied back 50% of it's
recent dip. So, now what? Do we go much higher now in both 
stock market and cryptocurrency markets, or is this recent 
rally back a "Head Fake" and then the 1929 big plunge transpires
going into September - October 2022...just like it did in 1929?

Remember that the "Bear Market" rally always is against the prevailing
trend and always feels so good, only to trend lower still!

Here is a link trend indicator that I use for the S&P 500 for trend
on Barchart:

A recession started in the end of 1927-1928...and then 1929 transpired. 
This Q4 of 2022, we are already in a recession, with 2 fiscal 1/4's of negative
GDP, Hyperinflation, the Fed is fighting inflation and unemployment by
raising interest rates...only soon to have to lower interest rates back down to 
"0" or go negative on interest rates again?

Always remember the Babson break back before the 1929 90% 
stock market crash, right!

The consumer is not spending and saving dollars in the mattress, plus
hyperinflation = Wymer Republic all over again? 

I have recently become, "Very Cautious", recently in my speculations. Not financial
advice ever. Just my opinion only. .999 Silver bullion, same for .999 gold bullion 
and some Bitcoin BTCUSD are looking good...time will tell Readers!