Readers, each 1st. of each month, the Altcoingazette.com
purchases the worst -% performing altcoin vs. the performance 
of Bitcoin BTCUSD. The winner this September 1st. 2022 was
Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD at $117.00ish, however, we purchased 
Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD already at $100.36 on July 1, 2022.

We still believe that Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD represents a Great
purchase vs. Bitcoin BTCUSD, however, we wanted to diversify
into the second runner up: Zcash ZECUSD. Today, we purchased
Zcash ZECUSD at $57.96 USD. 

Currently Bitcoin BTCUSD still represents the largest percentage
in our cryptocurrency portfolio at 33% ownership. Zcash ZECUSD, 
on the other hand represents 1.78% of our cryptocurrency portfolio.

Not Investment Advice. Opinion only!