Hey Readers, it's John here, Editor in Chief of the Altcoingazette.com,
I just purchased some additional Ethereum ETHUSD at $1,561ish and last
week begun to purchase Ethereum, with an opening purchase price of

I like to always "Pay up" a higher price when I make speculations. Jessie
Livermore's famous quote: "A market speculation is Never to High to Buy
and Never to Low to Sell, because, "The Trend is always your friend"! 

So $1,505 now the Higher price paid of $1,561ish...thus Higher High price
paid for Ethereum!

On another topic: Ethereum ETHUSD has some major news pending,
the soon POW vs POS merger is very exciting for all of those in 
the Ethereum community! Developing news story here at the Altcoingazette.com...
stay tuned for additional
Ethereum ETHUSD purchases
and news updates!

P.S. We will be making additional DCA "Dollar Cost Average" purchases
of Ethereum ETHUSD (each week) into and after the Merger.
We always like to DCA during the crypto winters or
significant bear markets and then pay up
for trading assets. For example the All Time High "ATH" for Ethereum is 
$4,878.26, set on Nov 10, 2021. We would certainly purchase Ethereum 
at a "New" All Time High" >Greater than $4,879ish for the Breakout Trade!

Never Investment advice...opinion only!