Hey Readers, this last Friday evening, I attended a social 
event at the new corporate headquarters for the Altcoingazette.com.

I as you know am an old timer' being in my mid fifties. A small group
of people from the newer generation walked into the social event and sat down
near me. I then overhear the following conversation: "Bro, have you ever heard 
of something called cryptocurrency"? "Yea dude, I want to purchase some Dogecoin
DOGEUSD, because that is the cryptocurrency that Elon M likes". "I don't
even know how or where to purchase the DOGE coin, Bro"! 

So readers, today, the Altcoingazette.com joined the DOGEUSD community
,with it's first purchase of some DOGE coin on Coinbase.com! The DOGE coin
if off -79% in the last year alone.
Perhaps this overheard DOGECOIN DOGEUSD
conversation is a "sign" from the cosmic universe type of thing?
You never know, right Readers? Time will tell!

We will be adding to our DOGEUSD position
going into the upcoming Altcoin season for 2023!
Our largest crypto position is still Bitcoin BTCUSD,
representing 29.78% of our cryptocurrency portfolio,
our Dogecoin position
represents just 1.58% of our cryptocurrency portfolio!

Here is an affiliate link to purchase some DOGE coin if you
so desire on Coinbase: https://coinbase.com/join/taylor_ih2

Not Investment Advice. Opinion only!