Readers, the has been following the 
Ethereum ETHUSD "Merger". It looks like the crypto market
is waking up to the ETH news etc. Here is a link to our
ETH news Support and Resistance levels etc. for your 
 Today we gave a Breakout
alert for ETHUSD at $1,608! Nailed it!

Also, here is the technical indicator that we use for 
our crypto Support \ Resistance etc. Notice that 
ETHUSD is still a -56% Sell on Barchart.

Survey Question: "What happens when this Trend Indicator
on Barchart Reads: Buy and the a +100% Alert for Ethereum
in the future and what price will ETHUSD be quoted at when,
in the future Trend Alert reads +100%? Pump-A-Rama pending?  

Fair disclosure: The's Editor In Chief 
recently purchased Ethereum ETHUSD at $1,505 and most
recent at $1,561. 

Not Investment Advice Ever...Just Opinion Only!