Hey Readers, today Bitcoin BTCUSD, Algorand ALGOUSD, Solana SOLUSD
and Stellar XLMUSD all now have a -100% STRONG SELL Technical Opinion,
Bitcoin BTCUSDyesterday on 9/6/2022 was a -88% STRONG SELL, now today = 
-100% STRONG SELL! Stronger -Down Trend = much further price drop
to transpire in the future?  

On Barchart! Always remember that just like Apple computer AAPL, being 
the largest market cap stock \ stonk share, that Bitcoin BTCUSD being the largest 
market cap crypto leads the dance for the direction of the market etc.

Always remember what Jessie Livermore said: "A market is Never to High to Buy
and Never to Low to Sell and that the "Trend is always your friend"!

P.S. Bitcoin BTCUSD had had 4 -85% price dips in it's trading history,
only to go on to all new Higher High closing prices. Ok, so BTC's all
time high price approx. $70K, so what is $70K X -85%? Do we have a 
85% BTC dip in the works, only for BTCUSD to skyrocket >Greater than 
$70K in the future? Time will tell! Stay tuned for this exciting news story!

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Here is a link for SOLANA SOLUSD: 

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