9/9/2022: FILUSD Update: NAILED IT!

Hey Readers, it's John here, Editor In Chief of the Altcoingazette.com,
in fair disclosure I purchased my first opening position in the 
cryptocurrency Filecoin FILUSD, today at $5.74!

Looks way oversold vs Bitcoin? FIL has a -91% Negative 
Weighted Alpha! Here is a link on Barchart for your review:
FILUSD is off -93% in the last 52 weeks!

Also, We are considering listing Filecoin FILUSD on the 
Altcoingazette's Upside Breakout Alert System (UBAS), (Just don't
tell anyone:https://altcoingazette.com/index.php/acg-crypto-breakout-alert

If we get a Pump Breakout, it gets UBAS listing...standby for updates on FILUSD! Again, Not Investment Advice...Opinion Only!