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For Immediate Release: 

Dateline 9/10/2022.

Location: Crypto Cyberspace. 

Hey Readers of the, John here, Editor In Chief.
So Bitcoin is up big on a Breakout, up from $18.6K USD to $21.6K USD.
Is this price action, "The Bottom"? Back on 6/20/2022 BTCUSD
price pullback to $17.6K!

So, Readers, are these price pullbacks,
the famous "Double Bottom" that everyone knows, is the beginning
of the next Bull Market, or does Bitcoin BTCUSD go lower still? 

Is this price action in Bitcoin BTCUSD, a Bear Market rally? Time will tell!
Readers, remember, that the "Trend is your Friend"
and that Bitcoin BTCUSD is still in a Bear Market

careful going into October, and not
expecting an additional price dip?

The next "Resistance" hurdle for Bitcoin BTCUSD is approx. $25,203 BTCUSD! 

I am not a market technician, however this is the market indicator that I use on
Barchart for Bitcoin. Bitcoin BTCUSD is now a -88% Strong Sell, up from
a -100% Strong Sell! Whenever Bitcoin
BTCUSD is signaled as a -100% Strong Sell
(Very Rare), I always begin to prepare for a Pivot Point trade, as described by
the famous market player, Jessie Livermore.

Not Investment Advice...Opinion Only!