Hey Readers, I just purchased some additional cryptocurrency
Ethereum ETHUSD at $1,749 today, September 10, 2022. I also
have recently purchased Ethereum ETHUSD at $1,505 and at $1,561. 

I like that my purchases of Ethereum ETHUSD is higher, with 
each purchase, thus chasing a  winner!

Bitcoin BTCUSD is still the largest holding in my portfolio at 27.5%,
Ethereum ETHUSD, with this purchase represents, just 4.23% of
my portfolio!

The Merge: 

The Final Countdown to the Ethereum Merge Has Officially Begun

The activation of the Bellatrix upgrade on the
Ethereum blockchain triggers the beginning
of the Merge, which will likely be completed
sometime around Sept. 13-16, 2022!

Not Investment Advice...Opinion Only!