Hey Readers, John T., Editor In Chief of 
the Altcoingazette.com here! 

10/25/2022 Bitcoin BTC USD update: Ok, we have the
Bitcoin BTCUSD pump, is this time for real or just
a Bear Market rally, Bear Trap, dead cat bounce, 
or do we have follow through and pump Greater than 
>$25K etc? Time will tell! I just need to stay disaplined
and not chase up the Bear Trap in Bitcoin BTCUSD, if
this is one? 

Again, Readers, this Trend indicator will let me know
what to do...Buy...Sell...or Hold? Bitcoin BTCUSD is 
up from a -100% Sell, to now reads a -65% Sell, this is 
better, but not a Green Light "Buy" yet. Its still Red!
I have got to remain steady and sit tight and wait for 
the "Green" Buy pivot point signal...will that be at $25K
or a retest of $3,500 and then the Green light at $5K or 
$7K...and then the mega pump?


So Bitcoin BTCUSD is now a -88% Sell Down Trend,
will this last or will Bitcoin BTCUSD pump and 
happy Pump days all over again? Time will tell.

Here is what I think, Bitcoin BTCUSD could be way 
oversold here at $19.6Kish or Bitcoin BTCUSD 
again plunges and retests $3,500ish BTCUSD
anything is possible in the realm of investing 
or or speculation. In private, I would like to see 
Bitcoin BTCUSD retest $3,500ish and then 
mega pump >Greater than $70K BTCUSD!

Currently, I still own some Bitcoin BTCUSD
and am waiting for this indicator on Barchart
to tell me what the Bitcoin BTCUSD wants to do.
Here is a link for your reference: 

So Readers, do I purchase this +2% Bitcoin BTCUSD
mini breakout, or do I wait and "Sight Tight" and wait for 
what Jessie Livermore calls the "Pivot Point"? What price
will Bitcoin BTCUSD be at, when the above referenced Barchart
technical indicator turns "Green" and says Buy? Will Bitcoin
BTCUSD tank further and then this indicator goes "Buy" Green
up from $3,500ish and then Greens at $5,000ish or was the 
Bitcoin BTCUSD bottom recently set at $18.6K Bitcoin BTCUSD?

Who knows, all I know is that I will certainly purchase some 
additional Bitcoin BTCUSD when this Barchart indicator for
Bitcoin BTCUSD turns Green! Will that be at $5,000 Bitcoin
at $25K Bitcoin BTCUSD in the near future? Your guess is 
as good as mine...all I know, is that Jessie Livermore is 
right when he said, "The Trend is my friend"! Let see what 

Not Investment Advice...Opinion Only!