Hey Readers, John T., Editor In Chief of 
the Altcoingazette.com here!

What a last few weeks in the Bond
stock \ stonk markets here in the U.S.!

Is this a Bear Market rally in the U.S. stock 
indexes, only for stock to go lower, much lower,
or was "The Bottom" set? Time will tell!  

My best guess, is that we have a Bear market rally 
at hand at that stocks \ stonks go lower...much lower
and here is why: 
Notice, that the ETF SPY for the S&P 500 is still a -88% Sell 
down trend, the trend is always my friend, right?

With this being said, "There is Always a Bull Market Somewhere"!
With the current Bull market in energy, I have been adding
to my energy stocks: Exxon, Kinder Morgan, Phillips 66, Chevron, 
Valero, Williams Cos., EOG Resources, Schlumber, Haliburton, Pioneer 
Natural Resources and Diamondback Energy! All at Higher High Prices,
thus chasing my winning trades! Exxon purchased on the Breakout,
at it's all time new high...this is a Jessie Livermore trade..."A stock is
Never to high to Buy and Never to Low to Sell...because the "Trend"
is my Friend"!

BOND MARKET: Take a look at the TMF Bond Market ETF, whew! way oversold,
or much lower, another -90% dip in TMF ETF if the U.S. Fed Reserve raises
interest rates to 18% to 20%? This is the only way to fight Hyperinflation?
Here is a TMF link for your review: 
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTCUSD market: BTCUSD trends lower to
$3,500ish and retests the Q1 2020 dip low, and then the Pivot Point
back up again, greater than $70K? Who knows?

Not Investment Advice...Opinion Only!