Hey Readers, John T., Editor In Chief of 
the Altcoingazette.com here. How are you this 
fine day, I hope all is well!

So I think that I have nailed the Bejesus
out of the bottom price action in Intel (INTC),
these last few weeks! My average cost is
$27.07 per share in INTC! Not bad!

Stick to the fundamentals: Very conservative
Price/book of 1.10, Price/Cash Flow of 3.24,
Price/Earnings ttm of 6.87 and a Annual
Dividend & Yield of 5.37%! I will continue
to add to my winning INTC stock shares, at 
higher prices than $27.07 per share!

Intel (INTC) is involved in the blockchain and 
crypto mining, POW and POS! + the Greatest
-Weighted Alpha in the Dow Jones Industrials
Average at -44.25...has to go back up...as long
as the Dow Jones Industrial Average goes back up!

Not Investment Advice...Opinion Only!