Hey Readers, John T., Editor In Chief of 
the Altcoingazette.com here. How are you this 
fine day?, I hope all is well!

Readers, I have been recently purchasing the Communications
stock AT&T (T), my average purchase price is $15.60 
per share. AT&T (T) shares were way over sold recently,
and the fundamentals spoke to me: 

  • Price/Book 0.92
  • Price/Sales 0.76
  • Price/Cash Flow 2.20
  • Price/Earnings ttm 6.26
  • Annual Dividend & Yield $1.11 (6.01%)
    Large Cap! + I get to reinvest my dividends
    back into additional T shares!

    Here is a Barchart link for your review:

AT&T (T) is involved in the Cryptocurrency industry, storage, communications
for the Blockchain etc.

Not Investment Advice...Opinion Only!