Hey Readers, John T., Editor In Chief of 
the Altcoingazette.com here. How are you this 
fine day?, I hope all is well!

11/8/2022: Bitcoin BTCUSD Trend update. Well readers,
the Bitcoin BTCUSD winter continues, with still a Lower 
Low for Bitcoin BTCUSD, for this Bear market down
trend! Told ya, BTCUSD goes Lower before the big 
upside Breakout, how I knew this? The answer is 
the Trend of Bitcoin BTCUSD is still a -Sell Red Down Trend!

Again, here is the Bitcoin BTCUSD indicator that is saying
Sell Bitcoin BTCUSD and wants lower still: 

Always trade or speculate in the direction of the Trend! Not that I am 
anti Bitcoin or anti crypto, I am however 100% pro Trend! 

In private, what I would like to see is Bitcoin BTCUSD retest the 
Q1 2020 crash low of $3,500ish BTCUSD, then double bottom, the Trend indicator goes to -100% Sell, everyone dumps Bitcoin BTCUSD, the the above reference Bitcoin BTCUSD Pivot Point trades up from $3,500ish, goes Trend Green at at say $7,000ish and then the power pump back up greater then $70Kish Bitcoin BTCUSD and onto all new record High closes for Bitcoin BTCUSD, anything is possible, in my dreams, right Readers!

Again Readers, always trade\speculate in the direction of the Trend, because the Trend is always your friend, no Buy the Dippy Dip, wait for this Trend indicator to go "Buy Green"! If you follow us on the Altcoingazette.com you make big cheddar cheese and Buy the Green Trend only!


Survey Question: Is it time to "Buy the Dip" in 
Bitcoin BTCUSD, being that is has had a price retracement
down from a record high $70K, last November 2021 and
has dipped down to a recent $18.2K  and now the pump 
to: $21,334.52 +$197.20 (+0.93%), BTCUSD is going 
up, don't we \ you want to purchase it?

Not so fast, I thought the "Trend is my friend"? So what is the Trend 
of Bitcoin BTCUSD?, The current Trend for Bitcoin BTCUSD,
yes, has improved, from a -100% down Trend, when it was 
priced at $18.2K, back on 10/13/2022, to today only
a -24% Down Trend...Great improvement, however still a down 
trend of -24%!

Is this recent price action in Bitcoin BTCUSD, a suckers rally, dead cat 
bounce or what is called a Bear Market Rally, could be?

I still own Bitcoin BTCUSD and have recently purchased some on 
the dip, however I am doing so against the Bearish Down trend. Here 
is a link to my most recent BTC purchases, for your review: 

$19,053ish, is my low, recent purchase of BTCUSD, I know this for 
certain, the Trend is my Friend and I will certainly purchase the 
breakout, when this indicator goes from -24% Sell Down Trend, to 

"GREEN", Buy Signal! Question:
When does this transpire? Answer: I have no idea! Question: At what 
price will this indicator, finally go "Green"? Answer, again, I have no idea. 
Just like in computer code: If then: If this "Trend" indicator, goes Buy Green, then and only then do I Buy the Trend reversal Readers! Readers, don't worry, if you read and follow the Altcoingazette.com, you ain't gona' mis' De BTCUSD Breakout! Here is the Trend link: https://www.barchart.com/crypto/quotes/%5EBTCUSD/opinion


Not Investment Advice...Opinion Only!