Hey Readers, John T., Editor In Chief of 
the Altcoingazette.com here. How are you this 
fine day?, I hope all is well with you!

Ok, Readers, we here at the Altcoingazette.com, have been calling 
a major Bitcoin BTCUSD price retracement, I think we have it going 
on as I write this post.

We have been calling an -85% price dip off of Bitcoins BTCUSD's
all time of approx. $69K, achieved back in November of 2021.
so I know that my math sucks, what is 69K -85% = Bitcoin 
BTCUSD at approx. $10K? If this price dip transpires to $10K for Bitcoin
BTCUSD, my best guess is that it will be fast and furious to say the least!

Bitcoin is now trading at $15.7K USD, watch this very close now! 

The FTX bank run is forcing liquidations in the crypto market, = Meltdown!

My best guess is that Bitcoin BTCUSD won't be at the -85% dip price for long
and then the power pivot. The question is, that BTCUSD has had 4 -85% dips 
in it's trading history, only to Pivot Point back up to new all time higher prices!
Yes history repeats it's self...here we go again readers!

Who wants to do the catch the falling knife trade with Bitcoin BTCUSD, place limit 
GTC, to purchase $100 worth of BTCUSD at $12K, then $200 worth of BTCUSD at 
$11K and then $300 worth of Bitcoin at $10, scale in to the falling knife and then the 
huge Pivot Point Long trade, back up Greater than $70K for BTCUSD...takes diamond nuts to do so! 

Jessie Livermore: "A market is never to high to Buy and never to low to Sell, because the Trend is always your friend"! 





Not Investment Advice Ever...Opinion Only!