Ok, Readers, as many of you know I have been purchasing many of 
the gold mining stock below, many of my positions in such
are up as much as +50% in the last week alone! 

11/12/2022 Gold\Silver mining stock shares update: So readers, as 
many of you know, I have been scaling into many gold\silver mining 
stock\stonk shares, (over the last several months mentioned below)
, among other
gold\silver stocks\stonks. So here is my secret trading
speculation formula:
When ever the Trend in Gold and or Silver bullion 
is a -100 Sell, "I begin", to scale into gold\silver mining 
stock\stonk shares.

Counter trend, I know what you are thinking, 
why counter Trend. I like to Hedge in the precious metals markets. 
approx. 30% of my net worth is in .999 silver bullion, in physical Amsec
safes. No I am not a silver or gold bullion bug, I just like to survive,
to come back and fight another day...I always come back to be in
the fight. Thinking and acting like this has saved my bacon so many times,
that you wouldn't believe it.

I use the GLD and or SLV ETF to only give me a trend read
I don't invest\speculate in GLD or SLV ETF, these are not pure commodity
plays, from my perspective, I just use them to get a read on market trend\s etc.
Here is a link for your review, so that you can see my Trend Read on such:

Circa 9/1/2022, as this chart shows, this SLV indicator read -100 Sell Down Trend, then I begin to scale into silver\gold mining stocks on this list:

If I have to guess, I am up between +5,000% to +10,000% in my top 10 or so gold\silver mining stock\stonk shares, this happens to me all of the time, I always win in the capital markets, I no this sounds like I am bragging etc., I am not. Whew! I just kept pyramiding into my winning gold\silver stock positions, just like Jessie Livermore would have done so! My gold\silver stocks
represents approx. , now 15% of my entire stock\stonk portfolio. 

Also, my energy stocks\stonks are also major winning trades for me, huge profits in all of these stocks\stonks in the last several months: 


Just huge pyramid trades, Readers, up into the all of the oil stock\stonks, Keep adding to XOM, OXY, HES etc! In Hess I must be up +300% as I kept chasing my winners in Big Oil, Whew!

So now what, shall I do with all of my winning gold\silver stocks and all of my winning Big oil stocks\stonks? My plan is to keep on keeping on and continue to chase my winners and average up: Jessie Livermore famous quote: "A market is Never to High to Buy and never to Low to Sell because the "Trend" is Always my Friend"!


Tomorrow, 11/10/2022 we will have the October 2022 CPI numbers!
The gold stock \ stonk market suggest that CPI \ PPI comes in hot! Time will
tell. This happens to me all of the time, I always find myself in front of a 
major market price move, this time gold \ silver mining stock, now what?
Do I buy more, Sell all or hold? I like adding to a winning position, with no
average down.

Here is a Barchart link, that shows most of the gold mining stocks
that I own, must be profitable, +4% dividend yield and a Great discount to 
book value. Worked so far as I have been purchasing such over the 
last several months. Lets see if we have a inflation pump in the works in 
the a.m.! 

Gold Fields Ltd ADR (GFI) up +46% in the last five days alone for me!
My gold stock portfolio represents approx. 15% of my total stock 

Caledonia Mining Cp (CMCL), 
Barrick Gold Corp (GOLD), Kinross Gold Corp (KGC),
Yamana Gold (AUY), Newcrest Mining Ltd ADR (NCMGY),
Harmony Gold Mining ADR (HMY), B2Gold Corp (BTG),
Gold Resource Corp (GORO), Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd (AEM),
Sibanye Gold Ltd ADR (SBSW), Pan Amer Silver Corp (PAAS),
Rio Tinto Plc ADR (RIO), Anglogold Ashanti Ltd ADR (AU),
Newmont Mining Corp (NEM), Gold Fields Ltd ADR (GFI),  
Vale S.A. ADR (VALE), Freeport-Mcmoran Inc (FCX) and
Drdgold Ltd ADR (DRD) among others.

Not Investment Advice Ever...Opinion Only!