Ok, Readers, no disrespect to those that have suffered losses in the 
crypto market, or who will do so in the future. Also, I am referencing
the titanic as an analogy, or reference, only! The ship is sinking
and spreading fast, the bilge pumps have failed captain!

Here is a movie clip of the final sinking of the titanic for your 
reference, always hedge against the "dredded" suck-tion' as the 
titanic sinks: 

The Titanic sunk on April 15, 1911 and then "Consolidated" until
it was rediscovered in 1985, then artifacts were "raised" to the surface.
Do you remember Tesla, TSLA, it's stock shares "consolidated"
for about five years, then the breakout! 

So it looks like this FTX implosion has a lot of tentacles, celebrities,
other lenders, Gemini next? News breaking that Gemini, Blockfi and
and Genesis are all announcing restrictions, this is not good Readers!

This reminds me of LTCM, then Lehman Bros. and then Bear Stearns, scary 
credit crisis times we live in these days! 

Bitcoin BTCUSD could plunge to the depths of despair in price to 
the Q1 2020 dip of $3,500ish and then pull a Tesla and consolidate
for 5 years, then the Breakout? Time will tell. 

In 1931-1932, they said the same thing about the Dow Jones Industrial Average
because it had lost approx. 90% price dip, then the huge pump, so why can't 
Bitcoin BTCUSD behave the same way as the Dow Jones Industrial Average has
in it's trading history?

Don't you remember, that Bitcoin BTCUSD has had 4 previous -85% price dips,
only to go onto new All Time High Prices. This cycle is approx. Bitcoin BTCUSD down
from it's record high of $69K, soon to go to $10K, then we have the mega pump
above $70K and then to De Moon! We shall see Readers, just sit tight! 

Bitcoin BTCUSD looks like it wants to roll over to less than $10K, from my perspective. 

I am currently weekly purchasing a very small amount of Bitcoin BTCUSD, to probe the market.

When this indicator turns Buy Green, then I chase up the new Bullish trend, until this indicator
goes Green\Buy, just taking my "time" with Bitcoin BTCUSD! 

Notice how this Trend Indicator is -100% Red Sell, Trend Readers, Bitcoin BTCUSD goes 
lower, perhaps much lower! No Buy the dip, just sit tight, and wait for the signal to go 
Green, then the Trend has shifted and then you chase it up to higher high purchase 
prices! With this indicator, you won't miss the Upside Bitcoin BTCUSD Breakout! Plus, 
always read the Altcoingazette.com for market Trend Updates on Bitcoin BTCUSD!

Warren Buffet quoted" Stock market crashes, allows everyone to "see" who is swimming, 
without a bathing suit".
Remember, if not your keys, then not your crypto!

Not Investment Advice Ever...Opinion Only!