Hey Readers, John T., Editor In Chief of 
the Altcoingazette.com here. How are you this 
fine day?, I hope all is well with you this 
Great Day!

Update: Today 11/22/2022, I added to my winning
IBM stock purchase at $147.43, another 52 week 
high, classic Jessie Livermore trade, a stock is Never to 
high to Buy and Never to Low to Sell, because the Trend 
is my friend. My average price in my IBM shares is 
$146.92, I will continue to chase IBM shares at 
higher and Higher fill \ purchase prices in the future.
It is so relaxing to trade with the Trend!


Yesterday, Friday 11/18/2022, I purchased 
the stock\stonk shares of IBM at $146.41. 

Reason, IBM is involved with the cryptocurrency space
and the blockchain etc. Also, IBM achieved a new 52 week 
high share price. A stock in "Never to High to Buy and Never
to Low to sell, because the Trend in my Friend"! + Breakout!

Here is a Barchart Trend Indicator link for your review, I will
continue to chase up the price of my IBM share purchases, with
new Higher High stock purchase prices.


Not Investment Advice Ever...Opinion Only!