Hey Readers, John T., Editor In Chief of 
the Altcoingazette.com here. How are you this 
fine day?, I hope all is well with you this 
Great Day!

Yesterday, Friday 11/18/2022, I purchased 
the stock\stonk shares of Goldman Sachs (GS),
for $382.26 per share, opening position. 

Reason: In the Dow Jones Industrial Average,
Goldman Sachs (GS), is the lowest Book Value
stock\stonk share. Also, Goldman Sachs (GS)
has a cryptocurrency trading desk!

  • Price/Book 1.18 

Another Cryptocurrency\blockchain stock position,
here at the Altcoingazette.com!  

The stockbroker stock shares look like good value stocks
these days!

Not Investment Advice Ever...Opinion Only!