Hey Readers, it's Altcoin Season and Bitcoin BTCUSD has a 
short squeeze, bear market rally up from recent
dip Support of $15,749ish
to a current pump price of approx. $21,095.18 BTCUSD, Whew!

So I know that this will not be a popular post and or survey question:

Survey Question: Is this recent price action in Bitcoin BTCUSD, up 
from $15,749 to a pump price of $21,095.18, for real with a true
Trend reversal and now we mega pump to Bitcoin BTCUSD $300K
in the next 24 - 36 months....What about the pending halving event
for Bitcoin BTCUSD? 

Also, what about Bitcoin BTCUSD trading history, with it's -85% price
dips? If this is so, then Bitcoin BTCUSD, should dip to $10K...then 
mega pump to $300K...or do we mega pump from $21,095.18 up to
$300K, with no looking back to a possible dip to $10K first? 

Here is a Barchart Trend link\s for your review:



When Bitcoin BTCUSD dipped to $15,749ish, it's respective
Trend indicator was -100% Red Sell. Now we have the pump 
and it's respective Trend indicator is -24% Red Sell!  Yes, the 
-Down Trend is better, however, not a Green Buy Trend as 
of yet...not  yet Grasshopper!

So I don't want to rain on the Bitcoin BTCUSD pump parade, 
however, I have been at this trading\speculation game since 
right after the stock market crash in 1987.

So Readers, I can only give my free speech perspective. Look 
at the indicators and ask yourself about Trend. These indicators,
still read -24% Red Sell.

Perspective: The bear market rally\ counter Trend Rally always 
feels soo good during a bear market. The Trend is my friend always!

Again, what I do during the -100% Bear Market cycle, is DCA (Dollar
Cost Average), $5.00 per week into Bitcoin BTCUSD...Until the above
referenced Trend Indicator Reads Green Buy...then I increase my 
weekly Bitcoin BTCUSD DCA purchase to $100 per week.

I like to add to my winning trade positions\speculations at greater 
and greater, higher and higher price purchases, thus chasing my winners!  

Jessie Livermore hath quoted. "No average down, the Trend is
always my friend". "Whenever I had the patients to wait for the
Trend Pivot Point, I always made money in my operations".

Always remember to trade and or speculate in the direction of the 
Trend. If you stay tuned and read the Altcoingazette.com, you always
see the Mega Pump on Bitcoin BTCUSD...always! 

Thanks and happy trading\speculating! 

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