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this wonderful weekend, hope all is well. We have so much to be thankful

Bitcoin BTCUSD pulls the huge Power Pivot up from $15.6K to $21K!
Very nice and the best price action that we have seen in some time in
Bitcoin BTCUSD. So is this pivot point trade, the "Bottom" for Bitcoin
and now the mega pump to $300K, or do we have another dip, perhaps
down to $10K? 

So, my favorite Bitcoin BTCUSD indicator is now a -8% Sell Trend, up 
from a -100% Sell Trend...a very great much needed improvement indeed!

So, here are Barchart links on the Bitcoins Trend: 



So, my trading plan is to DCA (Dollar Cost Average) $5.00 worth of Bitcoin BTCUSD
until these indicators signal Green Buy, close but not green as of yet! 

However, as soon as this indicator does signal Green Buy, I will place a $100.00
purchase amount of Bitcoin BTCUSD, thus the Breakout trade. Lets hope I can get in
when the Trend shift transpires in the future!


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