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Corporate earnings season is the period of time when publicly traded companies release their financial results for the previous quarter. During this time, investors and analysts closely scrutinize the earnings reports in order to assess the performance of the company and make investment decisions.

One of the most important aspects of earnings season is the release of a company's earnings per share (EPS). This metric provides a measure of a company's profitability, and is calculated by dividing the company's net income by the number of outstanding shares of stock. A higher EPS indicates that a company is more profitable and may be a better investment opportunity.

Another key aspect of earnings season is the release of a company's revenue figures. Revenue is the amount of money a company brings in from its sales and operations, and is considered a key indicator of a company's overall health. A company with strong revenue growth is generally considered to be in a better position than one with weak revenue growth.

In addition to these financial metrics, investors and analysts also pay close attention to a company's guidance for the future. During earnings season, companies often provide an outlook for the coming quarter or year, which can give investors a sense of the company's future performance.

Overall, earnings season is an important time for publicly traded companies and investors alike. It provides valuable information about a company's financial performance and future prospects, and can have a significant impact on a company's stock price. As such, it is important for investors to pay close attention to earnings reports and to carefully consider the information they provide before making any investment decisions.

We are officially in earnings season! Banks are leading the way and will more than likely be under some pretty heavy scrutiny with inflation and rates still being the economic indicators in the spotlight. Morgan Stanely (MS), Goldman Sachs (GS), and Citizens Financial (CFG) group report on Tuesday and this could have an effect on the S&P and market as a whole as it displays how well the banks are handling the raising rates. With layoffs in the news lately, it’s possible these are very telling about how the rest of earnings season will go.

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