So Readers, good afternoon. 

So I wanted to share my perspective in reference to the recent Bitcoin BTCUSD
pump up from Support price of $15.6K BTCUSD to $21.6K BTCUSD. 

Everyone, myself included was calling the BTCUSD dip to $10K, then the epic pump to
$300K going into the next Bitcoin BTCUSD halving event, pending in the next approx. 1,500

The $10K BTCUSD dip has not transpired yet. Survey question: Do you think that Bitcoin BTCUSD
does dip, -85%, like it has done 4 times in its history, then we have the epic pump to $300K, 
going into the next halving? It could and time will tell.

I know this much: The Trend is always my friend. So what is the current Bitcoin BTCUSD Trend indicator say?
Here is a link for your review:


So yes, in the last month, Bitcoin BTCUSD pumps up from $15.6K! Everyone is so thankful, myself included!
Here is another thought: Did Bitcoin BTCUSD, just have a Bear Market rally?
What does the Trend indicator say and why would that matter? Yes, the -100%
Sell Trend is now an -8% Sell Trend, thus a +92% improvement, however, Bitcoin BTCUSD
on Barchart, still reads a -8% Sell Trend

So now you may ask, "What is my point"? My point is that yes Bitcoin BTCUSD pumps great up from $15.6K...however,
the Bitcoin BTCUSD Trend indicator is still a -8% Sell Trend! The bear market rally, relief rally always feels so Great!

So I, like everyone else in the Bitcoin BTCUSD market is cautious yet op·ti·mis·tic! Does Bitcoin BTCUSD pump
from $21.6K, to $300K? Or does the bear market Trend continue and we see a retest of Bitcoin BTCUSD at $10K? Is 
this a suckers rally?

Anything is within the realm of possibilities in investing\speculation. Bitcoin BTCUSD could go to $0.00 and become worthless, or pump to $10 Million + per coin, right? 
So, here is my trading plan for Bitcoin BTCUSD: Each week, I DCA (Dollar Cost Average) $5.00 worth of Bitcoin BTCUSD, 
when it's Trend indicator reads -100% Sell Down Trend. Just like in computer coded: If Then statement: If the above mentioned Trend indicator "Shifts" from Red to Green...then I increase my DCA (Dollar Cost Average) amount from
$5.00 per week to $100 DCA (Dollar Cost Average) per week.

Jessie Livermore hath quoted: Always trade\speculate in the direction of the "Trend", because "The Trend is my Friend"!, Never average down. No Buy the dip! Also, "You won't know a market, until you are "in it".

I know the Bitcoin BTCUSD market, because I am in the Bitcoin BTCUSD market. Here is a link to my Bitcoin BTCUSD
trades for your review: I will eat crow, if Bitcoin BTCUSD doesn't 
retest, dip to $10K...either way I DCA $5.00 until Trend shift! Either way I win. I always win. 

This type of Trend trading has earned a fortune for myself in Bitcoin BTCUSD, also most recently in Energy and Gold\silver mining stocks\stonks! Whew!  At one time, I made have held the world record in the greatest number of swing trading 
points in Bitcoin BTCUSD, if I had to guess, I was at one time, up between 500K to 750K trading points in Bitcoin BTCUSD,
only to give all of those trading points back! Thus approx. 1.5 million total swing trading points in BTCUSD, whew!  

It's called momo swing and trend following Breakout at it's best! So during this last cycle, because DCA I was able to
average into Bitcoin at several purchases of $16.5K. 

Jessie Liver hath quoted: "It's not the trading, you can't trade everyday, sometimes you just have to "Sit Tight", 
and wait for the Trend to "Shift"! in physics, "Shift Happens"! 


May the Trend Be with you Readers! Always read the everyday so you can look over the shoulder
of myself, and see real time as the next mega Trend Breakout transpires. Trend!

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