Hey Readers of the Altcoingazette.com, hope you had a
wonderful weekend! I sure did, with the epic (Predicted)
Bitcoin BTCUSD pump up from the $15.5K price dip to the 
recent Pump to $23.3Kish Pump...whew! Finally and
much needed! Trend Shift Green!

So does this new bull market in Bitcoin BTCUSD last or is
this a Bear market rally and then we have a super pump 
into the next Bitcoin BTCUSD halving into 2024 to Bitcoin
BTCUSD $300K? Time will tell!

So we have asked many times the following Survey question:
"What will be the price of Bitcoin BTCUSD if or when its 
Barchart linked here goes Green Buy"? Well we have our 
Survey question answer! So when Bitcoin BTCUSD traded
up from the dip when it was $15.5K (FTX SBF dip) and was 
a -100% Sell Down Trend, and now the rally up +20% from
$15.5K to $18Kish, thus new bull market for Bitcoin BTCUSD!

So yesterday the Bitcoin BTCUSD indicator goes Green Buy, with 
a +8% Green Buy and now improves to an +24% Green Buy! 

Like we said so many times to you Readers: Just "Sit tight", 
Jessie Livermore is right...the Trend is always your friend"! 
"Whenever I had the patience to wait for the Pivot Point
I always made money in my speculations"!

So now the next Survey Question is: What will be the price of 
Bitcoin BTCUSD if and or when it's Barchart Trend indicator signals
+100% Strong Green Buy Trend Indicator? Answer speculation
is Bitcoin BTCUSD at $35K? Wow that would be just epic! Time
will tell Readers! Here is the Bitcoin BTCUSD Trend indicator 
for your review: 

I told you Readers, that if you stay tuned and read the Altcoingazette.com, 
that you would not miss the Bitcoin BTCUSD "Shift happens" Breakout 
in Bitcoin BTCUSD crypto market and Altcoins! Whew!

Just a few weeks ago in Nov. of 2022, everyone said the same thing that they 
said back in 2014 with Mt. Gox...remember, everyone said that Bitcoin BTCUSD
was finished because of Mt. Gox...now moving forward, it was all over again
with the FTX SBF news...Mark Twain all over again with history all over again.

People said the same thing about the Madoff stock market dip in 2008-9. 
It was all over for the stock market. The Dow Jones and the Nasdaq have 
performed great post Madoff and now the crypto market has done Great 
post the FTX SBF dip for Bitcoin BTCUSD dip to $15.5K!

So, this is the question everyone is asking, was is $15.5K "the bottom" for 
Bitcoin BTCUSD and now epic pump to $300K for Bitcoin BTCUSD into the
next halving in 2024....or does Bitcoin history have it's next -85% dip to 
$10K? Here is what I did, when the above mentioned Bitcoin BTCUSD indicator
read -100% Red Sell Down Trend, I started a weekly DCA (Dollar Cost Average)
into Bitcoin BTCUSD, with many DCA purchases close to $16K! 

So, where do I go from here with Bitcoin BTCUSD? Many people who purchased the 
$15.5Kish dip on Bitcoin BTCUSD, now that it has the Breakout pump will sell. Not me,
I will "sit tight" and then add to my winning position. I want to chase my winning 
position in Bitcoin BTCUSD...paying higher and higher prices as the Trend indicator 
improves and the price of Bitcoin BTCUSD improves!

Grass Hopper, no sell it...chase that Mother F!@#$%r and pay up for the price of Bitcoin
BTCUSD!  Here are recent my dip purchases for Bitcoin BTCUSD: $16,6Kish, $16,6Kish,
$17,1Kish, $17,2Kish, $16,7Kish, $16,8Kish, $16,6Kish, $17Kish, $20,9Kish, and then
on 1/22/23 another purchase at $22,3Kish! What am I up approx. +50,000 points in Bitcoin
BTCUSD since 11/13/2022, whew! 

So now that "Shift Happens" I want to chase, chase, chase! Jessie Livermore = Pivot 
Point, Trend is Always my Friend, a market is Never to high to Buy!" This Sunday, 
I want to do the "Never to High to Buy" Breakout Trade and pay a higher price for my 
next Bitcoin BTCUSD position >$22.9K!

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