Hey Readers, This is John T, Editor in Chief of the Altcoingazette, hope this post finds you well!
A few days ago, someone perped identity theft on my Coinbase account and stole approx. $800.00 worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum from my Coinbase account.

I am not the only individual that has had this in the cryptocurrency space. That is the bad news, the good news is that when ever someone steals from myself, I always  believe that they must need to steal, because they needed it more than I did. So I have ex·pe·ri·enced financial de·moc·ra·cy once again! The sad fact is that I have done my best to contribute to the cryptocurrency industry and have always been one to give freely of myself. Tear in my Beer!

Some of the stolen Bitcoin was purchased as low as $5,500 BTCUSD on the big dip before the mega pump to approx. $69K!

So if you are the perp\s that stole my Bitcoin, I want you to know that I Forgive you and that I am Praying for you!

Now for the Great news, I now receive a approx. $800.00 tax deduction for 2023 and I have learned that I need, to learn better, like everyone else, where and how to store my digital assets, so that I don't have this theft ex·pe·ri·ence again. You perps are Great Teachers, Thanks!

Also, what I did is that at the same time of the Bitcoin theft, is that I started praying for a blessing and did I ever receive such! Two days later, someone that I had consulted with recently, purchased for me, this week, all cash a brand new Toyota Rav 4 XLE Hybrid for $approx. $40,000! I lose $800 and then gain $40,000...not bad! It is called paying it forward! Thus a +$40,000 new car + a $800.00 tax deduction = +$40,800.00 in just two days!   

Now what I am doing is really increasing my homeless outreach, to the less fortunate in my community. I receive so much blessings doing so!
GOD is so good!