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1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Learn the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency space, including the basics of smart contracts, the Ethereum platform and how to build decentralized applications.

About this course

Developed by Blockchain at Berkeley and faculty from UC Berkeley's premier Computer Science department, this course presents Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as the motivation for blockchain technologies, and provides a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the fundamental concepts of the crypto space with a particular emphasis on Bitcoin.

The course covers basic properties of bitcoin, the mechanics behind it (e.g. including cryptographic hash functions, Bitcoin Script, privacy, and hash commitment schemes) and its roots in the Cypherpunk movement and Libertarian ideals. You'll learn about practical applications of Bitcoin such as wallets and mining, as well as how to destroy bitcoins, including network attacks and malicious mining strategies. We will also take a brief look at Ethereum and how blockchain can be used outside of cryptocurrencies.

This course is open to anyone with any background. Whether you are planning your next career move as a blockchain developer, crypto trader, data analyst, researcher, or consultant, or are just looking for an introduction to the Bitcoin technology. This course will help you to begin developing the critical skills needed to future-proof your career.

This course is part of the Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate program.  If you are planning to enroll in the entire series, we suggest starting with this course and then progressing on to CS198.2x Blockchain Technology.

2. Free MOOC: Introduction to Digital Currencies

DFIN-511: Introduction to Digital Currencies is the first free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology globally, and the first course of the MSc in Digital Currency degree programme.

It is available to anyone around the world interested in learning the basics of cryptocurrencies, in a paced and resource rich environment, under the guidance of field experts.

3. Coinbase Learn:

From the basics of blockchain to why we believe crypto can change the world, get simple answers to your top cryptocurrency questions. Ready to explore? Let’s head for the stars.

4. 101 Blackboard Series

This Youtube series focuses on some specific technical elements within bitcoin, from the components of private keys, to confronting the scaling and centralization risks sometimes inherent in the way bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are implemented in practice.

5. Ethereum (Learn Section)

The learning section of the website (the official website for ethereum) includes a series of free resources that are curated together in lots of detail about ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It dives into the smart contracts side of ethereum, as well as the basics, and also focuses on knowledge for the latest updates and roadmap for ethereum. At the end, a section is dedicated to criticism and other perspectives on how ethereum could be doing better -- leaving it a fairly well-balanced selection of knowledge about the ecosystem that is packaged like a curated course.

6. Udemy (Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain)

A free course with about two hours worth of video on the basics of distributed systems and its placement in the history of money. Perhaps a good resource for people who want to take a slightly slower pace than the Coinbase flashcards, but don't want to be fully immersed in different elements of blockchain and different parts of the ecosystem as with the fully-fleshed out courses presented by EdX and Coursera.

It's a free offering on Udemy that has also been used by about 40,000 other students.

7.  EdX (Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies)

This EdX course, offered through the Linux Foundation (which is building the HyperLedger framework) offers an introductory course to blockchain and what role HyperLedger plays in the space, as well as the tools available. It's built for a non-technical business audience, and is an introductory course to blockchain principles outside of the discussion around Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The course itself is free, but a verified certificate from EdX will cost $99 USD.

8. DeveloperWorks (Blockchain Essentials)

This video course, developed in partnership with IBM, and taught by two developers in IBM's blockchain enablement division, goes over the basics of blockchain then leads to a demo and lab component where you can actually work with the HyperLedger framework and practice with it. You'll be able to use the HyperLedger Composer after this course. While slightly more technical, the level is still marked for beginners, even non-technical ones.

9. Coinbase Earn

What's better than free? Earning money for learning. Coinbase offers a selection of introductory courses and quizzes in cryptocurrencies that don't often have a dedicated course, such as Dai (a stablecoin), EOS and privacy focused ZCash. This will allow any learner to get a more holistic view of altcoins and different cryptocurrencies than the standard courses focused on bitcoin and ethereum. You'll earn small amounts of the cryptocurrency in question for answering quiz questions on the topic, so you'll have a small amount to work with in practice after.

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