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ACG eBook Fiction Series

The is writing and publishing a series of eBook Fiction. The first eBook has been published on #Amazon Kindle, titled "BITCOIN TAMER" as listed below. Many eBooks shall be published, in a series and will eventually be used for a series of Action Adventure Movies from Hollywood (Comparable to the James Bond series, written by Ian Fleming). Action Adventure movie scripts based on eBook series etc. 

Lots of Super Yachts and Lamborghinis and Beautiful People!  We will also be publishing the Storyline for this eBook series, so that our readers can follow the publishing process etc. 

Each eBook title is designed to eventually be the name of a new build Super-yacht in the future. The first Super yacht shall be named "BITCOIN TAMER". There are just over 20 eBook titles in this exciting series. As each eBook is published, the next name of each new Super Yacht shall be disclosed. The title of each future eBook is highly confidential.

The #Altcoingazette also has it's own Hip Hop Wrap song, also published on #Amazon #Kindle. The #Altcoingazette is the only known #Cryptocurrency (Altcoingazette), that also has it's own published Hip Hop song: Official Rap Song - A Crypto Valley State of Mind (The Apple Hip Hop) Kindle Edition:

1. BITCOIN TAMER: #Bitcoin #BTC Kindle Edition Fiction by JOHN R. TAYLOR (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

2. #ALTCOINGAZETTE.COM’s: SATOSHI SUNRISE: #Lambo #HODL #Crypto Kindle Edition Fiction by JOHN R. TAYLOR (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

3.#ALTCOINGAZETTE'S #HASHRATE LADY: #LAMBO #BTC #HODL Kindle Edition by JOHN R. TAYLOR (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition  

4.#ALTCOINGAZETTE'S :ALTCOIN SEASON Kindle Edition by JOHN R. TAYLOR (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition


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