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(ACG) The is a AI (Artificial Intelligence), Fintech (Financial Technology) cryptocurrency news agency "Community". The ACG covers cryptocurrency and blockchain news. 

Each "Member Journalist" contributes news stories that are published (retweeted) on the ACG community social media accounts or on the community website. (Rewarded self-publishing).  

When a ACG "Member Journalist" publishes a story on an Altcoin, retweets a tweet, the "Member Journalist" can receive the organic cryptocurrency to ACG called: Altcoingazette. "While supplies last".

Thus you have two (2) separate ACG concepts: 1. "Member Journalist" social media community on Twitter and 2. Altcoingazette cryptocurrency with the symbol: (Altcoingazette). The and the Altcoingazette cryptocurrency are "co-branded" together.

What is the Altcoingazette? Altcoingazette is the organic cryptocurrency for the "Member Journalist 's" of the website. 

The has it's own cryptocurrency called: 

Name: Altcoingazette

Symbol: Altcoingazette

Altcoingazette Token Details:

Issuer: 3P7KwkyovomHKsh7YrjGk5sd4aVmxbSs57o

Asset ID: DaiBawNLSLLuV7XuemYbrjdXVyzWgwSvE2b1KcStDLdh

Total Amount: 100,000,000,000

Decimal Points: 0

Type: Not reissuable

Issue date: 21.09.2019 22:09

Description: This is the Cryptocurrency of The World's leading Blockchain and Cryptocurrency news platform.

Here is a link to the to independently verify the existence of the cryptocurrency:

How does the Altcoingazette work? Altcoingazette is a cryptocurrency. You would need to join the ACG social media "community" and have a cryptocurrency wallet that you can receive and use your Altcoingazette cryptocurrency. Altcoingazette cryptocurrency works just like any standard cryptocurrency. Other cryptocurrency wallets also work to receive our ACG tokens.

Here are some links to acquire a Waves Wallet\s etc.: 

Waves Exchange: 
is a hybrid crypto assets exchange that allows users to transfer, trade, issue and stake cryptocurrencies. 

is a web application that works with Waves Keeper extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera: 

is an open-source Waves wallet for Windows, macOS and Linux:

Who can use the Altcoingazette? Currently the Altcoingazette cryptocurrency will be distributed to the "Member Journalist", who have joined the ACG's social media account\s etc, and have have retweeted an ACG Twitter post etc. 

Who can join the's social media "Community" and receive the Altcoingazette cryptocurrency? Membership is available to everyone. 

How do I know that my Altcoingazette Cryptocurrency is secure? The Altcoingazette cryptocurrency was coded and built on the blockchain of: Here is a public link to the Wavesplatform blockchain: The Wavesplatform blockchain is considered very secure. DYOR!