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Introduction: The Altcoingazette (ACG) distributed network, is a community driven network of token holders. The ACG is the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain news platform, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Fintech (Financial Technology) ecosystem. 

Problem Statement: Altcoins currently do not have an objective and unbiased news platform. Also Altcoin market participants want to be able to communicate together to form a community consensus on respective Altcoins and news driven stories of such. The ACG community can expect to work together on organic Altcoin news developments, stories and distribution. 

Community: ACG is an open source community of free cryptocurrency, as well as purely democratized altcoin news and its respective distribution.  

State of Project: ACG has a website;, a social media platform currently utilizing Twitter. ACG also has 100 billion cryptocurrency units available for the ACG community to utilize. Our ecosystem and user base will increase our community’s success. 

Community Finances: The project needs its cryptocurrency for the community’s use. 

The issue of ACG cryptocurrency is limited to one hundred billion units and is not re-issuable. The creator of ACG shall eventually retain 10% of the issued ACG cryptocurrency. 90% of the ACG cryptocurrency will, over time, be distributed for free to the ACG community. 

The ACG can receive donations from its members (all donations go back into the ACG project), and may sell banner add space to monetize. The ACG will not "ever" conduct an ICO "Initial Coin Offering". The ACG project has no money \ capital requirements at this time and in the future.   

Working Plan: After launch, in the next 12 - 24 months, the community will develop working news stories, industry specific news content, and all tasks and structure for the respective community. 

Open Source: The source code for the website domain is open source, as well as the source code for the entire Altcoingazette community project. Waves Technology, is a fast, decentralized and open network with a focus on accessibility, security and easy integration. 

Leased Proof-of-Stake: Cost-efficient and sustainable algorithm with leasing option for improved network security. Waves-NG: On-chain protocol to address the speed and throughput challenges common for blockchains.

Waves uses:

Blake2b256 and Keccak256 algorithms (in the form of hash chain) to create a cryptographic hashes used. Curve25519 (ED25519 with X25519 keys) in order to create and verify signatures. Base58 is used to create the string form of bytes.

Waves uses: KECCAK which differs slightly than that assigned as the SHA-3 (FIPS-202). Bytes encoding Base58. All arrays of bytes in the project are encoded by Base58 algorithm with Bitcoin alphabet to make it ease human readable. 

Altcoingazette Token Details:

Issuer: 3P7KwkyovomHKsh7YrjGk

Asset ID: DaiBawNLSLLuV7Xuem

Name: Altcoingazette

Total Amount: 100,000,000,000
Decimal Points: 0
Type: Not reissuable

Issue date: 21.09.2019 22:09
Description: This is the Cryptocurrency of The World's leading Blockchain and Cryptocurrency news platform.